10.09.2022 Soli-Party for NNTruck

BERLIN, still no plans for Saturday?! SUPAMOLLY is a great place to check in and out. Only fine people and soli for the #NNTruck

the “B.R.U.N.O. ist dagegen” collective presents:

Bands: Mulai (Witchy Doom Punk), Gehirnfrost (Hard Techno Stoner), Rats Run Riot (Surf Punk) and Banana of Death (Doom Punk)

please be tested and only come if you are feeling well!

* stair-free access to the concert venue
* there are winding stairs to the bar
* there are stairs to the quiet room for the awareness team (1st floor)
* there is an accessible toilet
* there will be no high-percentage alcoholic drinks
* If you have any questions or want assistance you can write us an email or call us in advance: brunoistdagegen@riseup.net / 01521 533 518 (you can also reach us via this number during the show)

* there will be an awareness team who you can talk to if you‘re feeling uncomfortable, see a difficult situation or need help in any other way
* the team is wearing purple vests. If you can‘t find us you can talk to the people at the door or at the bar, or call this number: 01521 533 518