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No Nation Truck

No Nation Truck is a Berlin-based collective that supports refugee struggles along Europes in- & external borders with mobile infrastructure in its converted truck.

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As No Nation Truck Collective we came together in 2019 to counter the racist policies of deterrence at the external borders of the EU with a response based on solidarity. Our goal is to support people on the move in a direct and unbureaucratic way, to act as flexible as possible on and next to escape routes, and to be able to set different focuses, consisting of medical aid, food distribution, power supply, squat support and the documentation of border violence.

The main actor besides us as a collective is our truck, which has been specially built for our work and contains a kitchen, a first aid area and a solar-power supply system that can charge at least 100 mobile devices at once.

Our NNTruck with mobile infrastructure for emergencies: Solar system to charge 100 phones at once, 400 liter water pumping and filtering system, medical first aid equipment, field kitchen for hot food. In some cases we offer to borrow the Truck to organized groups with a specific plan.

This car is an all-rounder: more agile and flexible than our truck, 6-seater with space for transporting people and material, small unit for charging phones via car battery, optional two sleeping beds and field kitchen equipment. We offer to borrow the transit to other groups for their missions.

Since January 2021 we have been on the road with it. Initially along the French-British border and afterwards in the mountains of the Italian-French border region. Our work there consists mainly of supporting so-called “wild camps” where refugees live together, providing electricity at fixed times so that the various camp communities can recharge the electrical devices that are important to them, cooking more or less regular meals, and monitoring border violence, such as evictions from so-called “wild camps.” In addition, we are busy building networks with other organizations and collectives that have similar goals as we have and do not want to accept the racist conditions at the (external) borders as well as within the EU any longer.

Perspectively we want our truck to be on the borders ongoing and for several years, because in particular with regard to the tendencies of current political areas of conflict, we do not assume that the movement of people will decrease.

We see ourselves as an emancipatory project that supports the ongoing migrant struggles for a dignified life for all, freedom of movement and the appropriation of mobility through humanitarian aid and autonomous public relation work at Europe’s external borders.

Our approach is to provide direct support work as undogmatically and pragmatically as possible and to apply concepts that establish solidarity-based networks of mutual assistance and are directed to the concrete needs of the people and structures that are in our area of operation. We do this by providing vital and mobile infrastructure in the form of power supply, food distribution and initial medical assistance from our operational vehicle, that we have built exactly for such missions.
An additional focus of our work relates to the public visibility of grievances caused by European migration policy, the European border regime and its numerous repressive apparatuses. As a consequence, we therefore want to document border violence, human rights violations, and individual experiences of refugees and collaborate with international grassroots networks to do so.

We understand the racist order of nation-states and the capitalist economic logic with its associated interests as causal for the current situation at the European external borders and want to confront this with a solidarity-based response. As a result of our political claim, we consider it necessary to criticize state actors and their accomplices and to question cooperation measures with them, but without making our work impossible. We feel therefore connected to actors and social movements that advocate for the decriminalization of migration, anti-racism and legal escape routes, and are committed to the principles of international solidarity.

Despite our motivation for practical anti-racist work and necessary solidarity at the external borders of Europe, we are aware that our activities do not take place in a theoretical vacuum. Hence we acknowledge that we are surrounded by social power imbalances and privileges that need to be reflected and questioned. We consider this to be crucial for our work and position ourselves against white charity ideologies and all forms of white saviorism. Accordingly, we want to implement our work with a self-critical approach, flat hierarchies, trust and respect, and open spaces for criticism and discussion.




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You have useful skills/ knowledge/ experience in the context of work at borders and don’t want to stand by any longer and watch what is going on in and around Europe ?

You want to organize a party for the NNT, collect smartphones and winter clothes in your city, write applications for funding or you have an exciting idea that you would like to realize with or through us ?

We are looking forward to your feedback in all matters:


Our work is only possible with your donations. We are an independent non-governmental organization that is mainly financed by donations through our supporting association Senlima e.V.

If you would like to support our work financially, we would be happy to receive any donation.
You can donate via PayPal or by bank transfer to the donation account of Senlima e.V.


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Due to Covid-19 unfortunately there is no solidarity events happening at the moment.

If you want to get in touch with us write an e-mail or if you want to support us: get creative and organize a soli event, print flyers or apply for donations from solidarity foundations. There is so much opportunities. We are always happy about support.