13 Dez 19 BASS DOWN BORDERS – Mensch Meier

ALL COPS ARE BORDERS – our unavoidable party theme on 13.12. – and yes, actually, there is only a reason to celebrate when all borders and nations are falling. On the way there, we would like to continue to support structures that organize against borders and racism. This time we support the NoNation Truck (NNT), a project that aims to organize unbureaucratic help for basic needs such as electricity, first aid and hot food in form of a truck on the Balkan route. The rest of the money goes to individuals to at least financially support them in their day-to-day struggle for residence.

As usual, we serve you again a fine menu of techno, drum n bass and downtempo until about Saturday noon in Mensch Meier, with special gimmicks for 13.12. – it stays exciting! At 8 pm there will be an info event. Activists will discuss the topic “Border violence and resistance; the situation along the EU borders 2015 till now.”

Disclaimer: We want no cops, no racism, no anti-Semitism, no sexism, no homophobia, no transphobia and no further behaviour that discriminates people – at our Party or anywhere. An Awareness team will be there for you.