A lot of work on the truck is being done but there are still some holes and other small things to be repaired, before we can start with the interior.

Also we still urgently need a few materials!

  • Aluminum poles (30 pieces of 3m)
  • Fittings (latches, hinges, pull-outs, gas pressure springs)
  • Blind rivet nuts M10
  • Assembly adhesive solvent-free for Styrofoam 25 cartridges
  • Vapor barrier tape 200lm
  • Dekalin sealing compound (1 cartridge)
  • Tools: ratchet box 1/2 „and 3/4“, various pliers, power tools and accessories, cordless
  • screwdriver, metal drill
  • Tension belts of various sizes
  • Screen printing plates up to 15mm thick
  • Plywood panels up to 15mm thick
  • Theater laths
  • Screws different sizes
  • MC4 solar cable connector
  • sink and stove for professional kitchens
  • & of course money, money, money

If you have any of those materials or hear about something, feel free to contact us!