News from the Ukrainian border

A few days ago we were again together with the #Solibus at the border to Ukraine – this time with many donations from “Wir packen’s an” in our hands.

Local activists told us that people of color have hardly been seen in the Polish border region in recent days. On the one hand, it could be that most of the people have already left the country. But it could also be that they are stuck somewhere in the country’s inner regions and can’t get any further because they don’t have any more money or aren’t being allowed to go any further. There are many rumors and assumptions, including videos on Tiktok and Instagram, but nothing that can be verified for sure. Also, it is quite possible that People of Color are taking other borders of countries after the videos of hounding of Black people by Polish hooligans went viral. It is generally a very difficult and ever-changing information situation by the hour.

At the end of the day we went back to Berlin with 46 people, mainly women and children, as well as older men and 2 cats. The mood in the bus was good, although very tired and exhausted.

Once we arrived in Berlin, we organized the purchase of tickets to continue their journey to France. Providing emergency shelter is important, but people have a the right to go where they expect to be safe or have a community. Let’s support them in this!