No Nation Truck is back in action and has a new companion

No Nation Truck is back in action and has a new companion
… at the Italian-French border, where our Italian comrades take care of people who have made the dangerous journey across the Alps by foot. At the beginning of July, our first crew left for a journey of two days before arriving in the border region. 
In addition to the truck, our NoNation Transit – a more flexible car with small sleeping and cooking facilities – recently arrived at the border. The extension of the transit was financed by donations. It enables us to move on site, to drive spontaneously between the mountain villages and to provide another crew member with a place to sleep. 
In Oulx, 20 kilometers from the Clavière border crossing, we have rebuilt the Truck as a safe stop for people on the move. Oulx is located at 1500 meters, the border with France lies another 500 meters higher. People on the move are currently making use of the truck’s cell phone charging station in particular.
We also observe that structures in the region are changing: At the moment, little medical care is needed on our part, as medical care is covered by solidarity structures in the region. In addition, a refuge (drop-in center) has been established nearby, so people no longer necessarily have to seek shelter at the truck. 
However, we know from last year that solidarity structures in this region are quickly attacked and destroyed by repressive authorities. While we hope for the best, we remain prepared for the worst. 
Many thanks to all who make our work possible through their support! 
In solidarity,
The No Nation Truck Crew