We are part of the #StrongerTogether campaign!

The No Nation Truck is part of the #StrongerTogether campaign!

Whether in Ukraine, Iran, Afghanistan or at the European external borders: In many places, far too many people are suffering. Despite the challenging times in Germany, we want to make sure that other people in need are not forgotten and show what cohesion looks like.

To do this, #Leavenoonebehind brings together 40 aid organizations. They evacuate, supply, advise and protect. They save lives or enforce human rights, they pick up where crises are most strongly felt. And now they need you.

Because not only do these organizations have in common that they do incredibly good work, unfortunately they share another similarity: they lack funds to continue their work, which saves lives every day. Now it’s up to us to make solidarity a reality! For each project, a fundraising campaign has been launched as part of the campaign. The goal is to raise the money for each organization by Christmas. We are getting support for this from celebrity supporters. But to succeed, we need you!

Our supporter is the awesome Josephine Becker!

Click at: https://strongertogether.lnob.net/