Workshop: First aid in border regions

A still little known fact: We offer workshops for medical first aiders, customized to the needs of people on the move. No previous experience necessary.

From our experience we know how urgently medical care is needed: A flight to Europe can take months or even years. On the way, many people resist the most difficult conditions: heat, cold, malnutrition, poor hygienic conditions, diseases, violence, physical exertion or psychological stress. At the same time, medical care is sometimes systematically denied to make people even more afraid to cross European borders.

Therefore, our truck can be converted into a safe treatment room if necessary. We are equipped with the essential equipment for first aid and have medically trained staff on board whenever possible.

Together, we want to ensure that more people are able to provide free medical care to those who need it. Therefore, together with medical professionals from the field, we have developed a workshop that passes on this knowledge in an easy-to-understand way and with practical exercises.

The workshop includes, for example, learning how to properly handle various wounds, such as burns.

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