What has happened recently

Our collective has been a little scattered over the last month and most of us have been on the road. As the months before were very exhausting for us, this was temporarily okay and somehow urgently needed. Nevertheless, a lot of work has happened in the meantime and the project has made a lot of progress.  

The construction team is working on the truck every day. Windows, doors, exterior wall insulation, power lines, etc. – the truck is constantly growing. At the same time, furniture for the interior design was completed at other locations. We took cool photos of everything and uploaded them to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for everyone to see. Currently, new and nicer information flyers about the NNT are in progress. Thanks to your support and the awesome image film about the truck, we were able to finish our crowdfunding campaign more than successfully and we are continuing to receive support from various cities. Our name recognition has long grown far beyond Berlin. We are also receiving more and more emails in which complete strangers offer us their help in various ways. Networking has become a big and important part of our work. For example, some of us here in Berlin have been involved in organizing the protests against the current situation at Europe’s external borders from the very beginning, while others abroad have supported or are still supporting the No Name Kitchen, Sea-Eye, the Zig Zag Kitchen for Refugees and the No Border Kitchen. Even though the NNT will operate mainly along the Bosnian-Croatian border, we of course see ourselves as part of these struggles. Whether in Greece, on the Mediterranean Sea or along the Green Border – we all fight for open borders and against racism and its deadly consequences. 

We are watching the current events very closely and will discuss in the coming days via telephone conference how all this can influence the future of the NNT and our plans. Afterwards we will update you with new information. Thanks for being with us all the time! Without you we would not be able to manage all this.